New Year, New Projects

Hello everyone,

Its been a tad long since I have written anything, and while I did end the New Year with a Article Related To B-Cycle’s Passing, I have been notoriously quiet outside of Mile High Guy and a few other personal avenues of writing.

That will no longer be the case going forward!

I still got one last article I will write about B-Cycle, a fair amount to write about RTD, and some things I will write about in relation to the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. As always, stay tuned!

Featured Image is of a B-Cycle Station At 17th and Wewatta. Photo Credit to Andy Bosselman 

Grad With a Tat is Going Away. Replacement TBA

After roughly 3 years of writing under the blog moniker gradwithatat, I am officially retiring the blog and creating something new. Given that I am getting to the point that I have been out of undergrad and graduate school longer than I have been in it, it just makes logical sense to retire the name and the blog itself.

This does not mean, however, that I am going to stop writing. Gradwithatat’s themes and writing style will be carried over to a new blog. More to be announced.

We are back in action everyone!

Good morning all!

After holidays, nightshifts, and so many other life events in the past 2 weeks, I am proud to say my holiday hiatus is over! Be on the lookout for new material shortly, including more content from DenverUrbanism, a long awaited update to The Polybius Diagnosis, and even more original content. Hope you are having a happy now year!

*Featured Image is the Author in the Snow*

I am Going Home for the Holidays. See you post December 25th!

Good Morning Everyone!

As you may have noticed, I have not been as productive when it comes to writing in the past few weeks. Between end of year wrap ups, studying for a tech certification, and riding my bike in my free time, writing has been unfortunately pushed to the side. Fret not! Once I get back from my mini -vacation on the 26th of December, writing will be at the forefront of my attention once again. In the meantime, check out my latest post for DenverUrbanism and be on the lookout for a 2018 retrospective from Gradwithatat before I leave to visit California.

Have a good holiday everyone!

Loren M. Hansen

*featured image is myself on Christmas Day 2013*

Break Over! Lets get back to writing.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with friends and/or family. I certainly did, and had a TON of wonderful vegetarian treats.

Now, I have a few items in the works, including a new DenverUrbanism article coming out within the next week or so, a bunch of shorter narrative essays I have written, and the beginnings of a new serial series, The Polybius Diagnosis, that will launch midweek.

I also have created a newsletter that regular readers can subscribe to to get updates on various writing projects. I promise not to spam your inbox… I hate when companies do it to me. Newsletters will be sent out twice a month, and contain the “highlights” of my writing work!

Have a good week, and hope you can get through the rest of your leftovers!

*featured photo is myself with Hazel, my relatives family dog, in Georgia*

And My Vacation Starts… Today!

Happy Thursday!

Just a heads up to everyone. I will be taking a vacation to Georgia from the 25th (Today) to the 30th of October. Given that I will not consistently have access to a computer during this time, I may be answering my email/responding to questions at a slower rate than usual, so please be patient if you need to get ahold of me.

On a related note, for this Throwback Thursday, here is a picture of me shortly after I graduated from University of Georgia! Have a good weekend!

Photo Credit to Emily Hunt