Current Work



Life on Denver Transit

An ongoing blog project that focuses on ways/experiences getting around Denver without a single occupancy vehicle.

Mile High Guy

Denver/Colorado Centric publication emphasizing living in Colorado, with focuses such as politics and events. Occasionally veers into national politics, but still Colorado centric

Mental Policies

Sporadic blog that does deep dives into mental health systems across the United States primarily.

Organization Affiliations

Denver Bicycle Lobby

Denver centric spinoff of Bicycle Colorado. Am general member of the group.

Mayor Bicycle Advisory Committee– January 2020-Present-Member

General Member of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (MBAC), an organization dedicated to making policy recommendations and writing position papers based on best practices and wants to encourage and facilitate the use of bicycles in the city.

Roll Anywhere Denver (RAD)

A nonprofit 501c(3) organization seeking tax exempt status. The mission of RAD is the following:

We believe in a Denver where, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, body type or economic background, every human being should have access to a bicycle.

We believe in building community, breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions in the cycling Community

We believe that you can and should be able to roll anywhere, Denver