Past Work



Denver Urbanism September 2018-December 2019

I wrote columns in regards to the regulatory functions of E-Scooters, cleaning up urban trails, and intercity bike connections.

Streetsblogs Denver February 2019-December 19th, 2019

I wrote mainly in regards to issues facing B-Cycle from a financial and regulatory standpoint


Strawberry to Peach

A WordPress blog detailing the culture shock and experiences of the author in the State of Georgia and, for the most part Athens-Clarke County and Atlanta.


A post school blog detailing the years following graduation from University of Georgia to roughly September 2019, when the blog was ultimately retired.


Justice in Mental Health CollaborationSummer 2016 -Athens, Georgia

A project through the JW Fanning Institute at the University of Georgia in collaboration with community stakeholders, law enforcement, and customers in the mental health system. Grant Awarded for implementation of suggestions on 10/17/2017

Denver Internet InitiativeSeptember 2020-November 2020- Denver, Colorado

Helped draft press releases, fundraise through outlets such as Reddit and Facebook, and delivered yard signs by bicycle to individuals. Initiative won by 82% of the vote.

Roll to the Polls September 2020-November 2020– Denver, Colorado

An Election 2020 initiative to encourage people to use multimodal transportation to turn in their ballots in Denver, Colorado