About Loren

Loren Monroe Hansen was born in Oxnard California on August 24th, 1992. The eldest of 5 children, Loren excelled in school and the pursuit of knowledge at an early age. When he left Ventura County, Loren had graduated at the top of his class in High School and both community and 4 year college. Loren spent a year in Athens, Georgia, finishing up his master’s degree in Nonprofit Organizations.

While public transportation and urban planning had always been a part of Loren’s life, moving to Colorado solidified it. As a rider of the Regional Transit District, Loren became a multimodal advocate, writing for DenverUrbanism, Streetsblogs Denver, and contributed letters to the editor for Colorado Newsline, Colorado Gazette, and Denver Post. Most recently, Loren created Roll to the Polls, an initiative to encourage people to use alternative transportation to drop off their ballots.