Hello World!

Good Morning Everyone!

The time is 8:30 MST on Friday the 19th, and this is the relaunch of my professional writing website!

Ever since I could wield a pen, I have been a voracious writer. While I have grown over the years when it comes to writing style, I still make a goodwill effort to write daily, and it has paid off. Over the years, I have written hundreds of articles, from blog posts to opinion pieces, that have found their ways into various newspapers and publications, including the Ventura County Star, Athens Banner Herald, and DenverUrbanism, which I currently write for.

How to Navigate This Malarkey

As the primary author of the website, I would humbly suggest to start on the “Who Is Loren?” section to get a brief primer of who writes these articles. If interested, check out “Current Writing Projects” to see the various writing activities that I do in my current place of Denver. “Past Writing Projects” primarily details things I wrote from about 2014-2016. Any questions or inquiries about getting me to write for your publications/general inquiries should be directed to the “Contact” page. Hope you enjoy!

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